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Wolfer's Feathered World can ship birds through most International Airports. Some airports that are not International can be shipped to too, but many of them have only commuter flights and do not have air conditioned and heated cargo areas for the animals, thus they are not equipped to take them. We ship all our birds out of Seattle SeaTac airport, in Washington. We can check on shipping availability for you or if you prefer you can call them yourself, the numbers and websites are provided below.

We only ship in the United States. We do not ship Internationally.


Horizon/Alaska Cargo
1-800-225-2752 press 1
No health certificate required
No temperature restriction

Continental Cargo
1-800-575-3335 press 9
No health certificate required
No temperature restriction

Delta Cargo
20F to 85F temperature restrictions

Safety Issues:
We have shipped dozens of birds, and so far we have never had a problem. The birds have arrived safe and sound. Most handfed babies will come out of the carrier willingly and do not seem to be stressed. If your bird does not come out willingly, please don't worry that he is not a friendly bird. It's just like humans, birds all react differently. It seems that sometimes humans are more stressed than the bird is over the whole ordeal. So relax, have a cup of tea and be excited instead!

Cost of Shipping:
Runs approximately $120 to $160 for birds up to African Grey, Amazon or Goffin's size in small to medium sized carrier. For Cockatoo's, Macaws or pairs of larger birds the cost is higher. Pairs of smaller birds can usually share a kennel for no additional cost. Cost includes shipping and a carrier with a perch. We ship the birds with a nice selection of foods, including oranges and fruit for their liquid content. Some direct flights cost more, but are quicker for the bird. The flights must leave SeaTac Seattle Airport on or before 12:pm. Different airlines have different weight allowances before the cost of shipping goes up, between 9 - 15 pounds depending on airlines is allowed.

Kennel Sizes:
Small cat: 13" wide x 19" long x 10" high. Weight: 3 pounds.
Conures, Caiques, Senegal, Meyers, Parrotlet, etc.

Large cat: 15" wide x 23" long x 12" high. Weight: 5 pounds.
African Grey, Amazon, Goffin's, Rose Breasted, Blue Crown Conure, Mini Macaws

Intermediate Dog: 17" wide x 24" long x 15" high. Weight: 7 pounds.
Macaws, Large Cockatoo's, multiple birds.

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