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How We Raise Our Babies

baby_bf_feed1WFW Avian, has been breeding and raising Caique's to large Macaws with loving success for many years.

We believe in weaning our baby birds based on their individual needs and rates of maturity. It is very important to us that all our babies get a good start in life both nutritionally and psychologically. Therefore we provide the following kinds of foods and socialization as they grow and develop.


Each baby parrot is given a handfeeding formula that is suited to their species and their individual needs. They are exposed to different foods at an early age to familiarize them with a large variety of foods. This facilitates the weaning process so that they recognize food in different forms, and allows them to explore and experiment with tastes and textures. As the weaning process progresses, we make sure our babies never feel insecure about having enough to eat, thereby ensuring that they can focus more confidently on exploring their world and learning all the skills that will help them become superior companion birds. Baby birds are weaned onto a daily diet of Zuprem pellets, Seed mixtures with soft foods served warm mixed vegetables, mixed nuts (for macaws), and fresh fruits and vegetables.


baby_blue_front1We believe that just as obedience training makes dogs better companions, it is critical to teach parrots basic manners and commands. All our babies know "Step up," "Step down", "no" and "gentle". They also know not to grab at clothes, ears, jewelry or glasses. Since our hand-raised babies will be lifetime companions, we feel it is necessary to familiarize them to common household noises, activities. An added bonus is that they will be familiar with Kids, dogs and other birds enabling them to adjust with less stress to those households with other pets. We accustom them to having their wings and feet handled, enabling the owner/vet to perform claw and wing clips with less stress.

A wide variety of toys are introduced at an early age to encourage independent play and ongoing stimulation. Our babies are exposed to different play environments that help them develop their coordination, balance and concentration as well as providing them with good exercise to build strength and a relaxed attitude.

We believe baby parrots are better off when they learn how to fly before they are given a gradual wing clip. This promotes confidence and stronger muscles that are important to develop at this age.

As breeders , we are committed to providing our babies with the best possible developmental start in life. This includes not only a nutritionally sound diet but also special care and attention to their emotional and psychological needs. A good solid foundation of trust, clear but loving guidance and consistent responses will help your baby bird develop into a secure, confident and loving lifetime companion.


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